UNBOUND 30″ x 29″ Oil on Canvas, 2001 Placing ideas taken from actual experiences is a revelation that never ceased to amaze me. On this subject, my main objective is to portray broken relations. Along, two figures are departing, not in a happy ending to an unknown voyage. Purposely cover the male with a turban […]

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searching the light

The Bay

THE BAY     The Bay is located on the north shore of Long Island in Huntington, NY. Beautiful place with many subjects to explore. To begin with, what caught my attention on this subject. There were old chairs and decorations on the handrails. And just behind, there was glimmering like a diamond on the […]

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Sea Gate

SEA GATE HARBOR SCAPE video related HARBOR SCAPE Is not the Bahamas beautiful in the summer! So cold in the winter, Fall, and Spring is comfortable. But, like so many places in New York, landmarks are replaced by new institutions. Some are gone, and other remains. Once a site for their founder’s millionaires such as […]

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LEVELS PROPORTION   VIDEO RELATED LEVELS PROPORTION PROPORTION “A composition that moves back and forth by its force.” This subject explores inverse dynamics within small lines. Furthermore, to enhance the composition. It moves back and forth to one point where it originated. With this intention to play with our sight. DEVELOPMENT The idea was born […]

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Oil paintings


LIGHTHOUSE OIL PAINTINGS “The Field” 11″X 22″ Mix Media, 2017 BRIEF HISTORY In the past, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports. Consequently, then as a warning signal for reefs and promontories. Afterward, mariners found their way through fires built on hilltops.   GUIDED PATH Likewise, improving visibility, and placing the light […]

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