In The Shape



In the shape Is an experiment enhancing an image with two purposes? The first one lets the mind wander and question what it is. In the second one, we explore fragmenting a meaning. In addition, in all ways, our senses complete the subject. Moreover, It is categorized as minimalism with a touch of abstraction. Black and white have unique qualities which do not correct our minds. Is simple and out forward.


Without a doubt, Is essential to explore this different aspect of art differently. The image communicates various parts of a  place. Recalls memories so, of say, attract and wake up our imagination. There is much to learn from nature, and the idea is to keep our minds open. There is always something valuable we gain, and that is appreciation.


Looking at my archives, this painting date back to 1988 and still has a spontaneous moment in execution. Its simplicity inspired me to go back to new approaches. From time to time, the artist gets encased in the whole picture. Not in this case, therefore, is here to remind us of the versatility of its strokes.


Moreover, elaboration is out of the question, perspective omitted, just vague nature. Loose like a kid’s mind. No fragments, no clues, just innocent and pure. A time to project our own hopes and dreams. Looking at old masters such as Rembrandt’s artwork. It reached maturity at an old age. Indeed, he loosened up, no anymore restricted by academic rules. His brushstrokes got free and easy. It is understood once the art finds its own freedom is what we call a style.

The approach that makes us part of this world. The universal voice we carry inside us asks for security to carry on in our everyday lives.


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18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Board Canvas

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