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La Barca

La Barca beholds a unique interpretation- it stands for “calling the dead.” This concept of a departure in time, a way of saying goodbye to our beloved, sets the tone for our exploration. I invite you to search for clues on this subject. Using colors and composition in the painting is one way to draw you in. The vivid colors are attractive, but there is tension in the water. As the boat departs from above the center, two birds are gossiping in joy. These details form the core of this painting, which is not apparent at first, but once found, they provide a clear understanding of the narrative within.
Notice the green hue, reminiscent of the sky, in the painting. It is not a color we typically associate with the sea but an imaginary color that unifies the realistic forms. Follow the water towards the other side. With this purpose, I visualized a second from our mind while daydreaming. Isn’t it fascinating how the artist has used this unconventional color to create a unique atmosphere?
Perceiving what these two birds manifest at high sea is odd. Crows do not fly on high seas if trained by an owner. But La Barca soothes the moment her beauty is charming and insatiable. We want more, but only layers and colors are awaiting to drown.
I do not limit myself regarding subjectivity. The inspiration comes along with the environment I live in. Although it was dated twenty-four years ago, I love to look back and develop the same idea from different points of view. Sometimes, other ideas are spontaneous and take less time to develop. The first version of La Barca floated in the air, and I lost it renovating. It began cracking, and eventually, the image disappeared. La  Barca has just landed and is moving forward eternally.La Barca

“La Barca” 48″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas 2001

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