30″ x 29″ Oil on Canvas, 2001

Placing ideas taken from actual experiences is a revelation that never ceased to amaze me. On this subject, my main objective is to portray broken relations. Along, two figures are departing, not in a happy ending to an unknown voyage. Purposely cover the male with a turban to show uncertainty. The female is backward to show no emotions. UNBOUND

The ocean, the boat, and the sky balance the tension between these two. These are symbols full of memories from a pleasant place created by the mind. But, unfortunately, the good times in harmony have vanished. Painting a subject like this helps me to bridge emotions to a disclosure.


The inevitable separation of feelings for another person lies within us. But, it becomes a memory in time, and eventually, we forget it. And life has to go on. Regarding the faithful dog, I placed it for broken promises. But, we know they are our best friends. ADIOS/UNBOUND

Water is one of the most significant elements globally, we need it to survive. And so often; we take it for granted. Yet, observing it for periods brings peace of mind, for it’s calming and relaxing. ADIOS/UNBOUND/UNBOUND

Furthermore, the mask has served many purposes throughout history. Many cultures use it for performing arts—others for rituals such as becoming part of the society and engagement.  There is something about it that makes people act what they feel inside. So it is that it serves us as a protector, perhaps to say what we feel inside. watch how they become this other character in disguise. Certainly, dancers’ choreography shows us rage and passion, which is fascinating. I’m sure we have been through a similar experience, and I would like to share it. 



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