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After The Storm

“After The Storm” displays a close-up of calm blue water. It is a moment of peace and hope. Natural causes are irremediable, and with so much pollution, it is not surprising that disasters must occur. Storms can cause major damage, just like tsunamis and earthquakes. 

The storm in 2012 caused much damage to homeowners in the New York area. We got lucky, and our home suffered minor repairs.

I blended shapes with fuzzy patterns, marking the end of turmoil. Moreover, the blue is softened with white, conveying the feeling of a past storm through movement. A couple of bubbles here and there balance the composition. This inspiration came from Okamoto Arts, which was exhibited at Perlow Gallery. The early years of my apprenticeship influenced my technique, and I blended them according to certain events that I felt confident about. New York is a cosmopolitan area where many artists ignite the imagination.  Or so I picked up that moment of the storm in my mind in a quiet, relaxed moment.
 Assimilation and adaptation are two words that are different from imitating and copying them as they are. I grabbed the other contemporaries’ concepts, and the feeling transformed into my experience. In short, there is a voice in me that pulls me to interpret what I saw through this watercolor medium.

After The Storm

“After The Storm” Watercolor on Paper Size 17″ x 14″ 2024

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