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“The Field” 11″ X 22″ Mix Media, 2017


In the past, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports. Consequently, then is a warning signal for reefs and promontories. Afterward, mariners found their way through fires built on hilltops.

Likewise, improving visibility, and placing the light on a platform became a practice that led to the development of new technologies, Indeed, it has been going through many changes until industrialization came and took over.


This Subject is located on Fire Island National Shore in Long Island and East Robert Moses State Park. It is impressive to see how the light gleams at sunset; It makes you stare for seconds. Waiting for the following Stella effect to sparse. Like fireworks against the blue sky. Furthermore, we can not escape its surrounding spell. Miles of history are guarding uncover secrets. Afterward, it is thrilling.

While walking the beach, get ready for how suddenly everything changed in seconds. There is a combination of fear and satisfaction. Alternatively, your mind runs wild, thinking of dead souls roaming these beaches. And nature guided us to live with it in peace.

“I assure you every experience would be different. For the sunset, color varies with the year season. Spring, Fall-Winter, and Summer.” The Fresnel lens irradiates waves of mysterious images that leave your mind wandering.

Now a landmark, its beauty inspires fear and passion for loving creating stories. conversely, about love, mystery, or perhaps dead.

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"<yoastmark“The Path” 38″ x 29″ Oil on Canvas, 2017



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