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Oasis enters a realm where the boundaries of storytelling dissolve in perfect harmony. It’s a sanctuary we all yearn for, an escape from life’s frenetic pace.  Each passing moment is infused with pure joy.
Beside this idyllic haven, symbols come to life—the stately pines personifying the delicate dance between masculine and feminine. Moreover, the energies, the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang in the natural world.
Besides delving more deeply, I journeyed through a tapestry of diverse patterns. Drawing inspiration from Native American, Middle Eastern, and European cultures. In addition, these designs weave together, giving rise to a living masterpiece that defies borders—a testament to our interconnectedness with the Earth.
Within the intricate patterns etched upon the tree bark, enigmatic forms emerge, whispering the secrets of longevity and serenity. Also, Trees symbolize partnership, cooperation, and a sense of calm.
Across ancient cultures, burning pine incense purifies the air, dispelling evil spirits and nightmares.
Though the figures in the artwork may seem separate, their connection lies in the eternal flow of water—an emblem of purity. The male and female figure signifies change and renewal in the eternal life cycle.
Patterns serve as guides, leading on a journey in full detail at every turn. The forms guard realms, from the wonders to the vast cosmic expanse. Thereafter, the life of nature and human creation.
Symbols pass the mere picture of physicality. In addition, it encompasses a state of mind—an oasis that dwells in inner peace and safeguards our sense of security.
In conclusion, this realm, where seasons merge, symbols entwine, and patterns reveal the study path. Reveals the beauty that lies within, for art, can unveil the profound in the simplest of moments.


“Oasis” 60″ x 43″ Oil on Canvas, mix Media 2017
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