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The Element

The element steps into a realm where storytelling dissolves in perfect harmony. The focus is on matter in space. I delve into my consciousness, envisioning the universe, and transform it into a cube.

In the technical concept, the title stands for the elements in the space.

Derived particle elements exist as nonsolid shapes. Since they have no internal structure, they do not occupy much space outside. Therefore, they can move faster than light, and I found a meaning to portray the element. I released oil pigments with turpentine and spread them onto the paper.  The image feels like it just landed and is suspended in the dark space

In stark contrast, the ‘element’ exudes an air of calm assurance, an embodiment of certainty that no harm will occur in this process. Its vivid strokes invite us to embrace life’s complexities with open hearts and minds.

Although the mind sheds biases and preconceived notions, we can not escape watching it in its purest form.  The artistry process has become a contemplative journey of simplicity.

Where did this transformation begin? We know for sure it all started millions of years ago. Along with the proper aspect of life and the true nature of all forms.  Developing compassion and wisdom through our life experiences. Along with loving-kindness, empathy, and equanimity (mental quietness). We grow, keep evolving, and live our lives with meaning and good faith. 

In short, the ‘element’ is not just a physical substance but a profound metaphor for a living journey. It is the bridge on a continuous path within our transitory nature. We accept it as an infinite road full of beauty and tragedies where the mind celebrates the joy of being alive.

The Element

The Element Oil on Paper Size 3″ x 4″ year 2018

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