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Portraying Features,  every person has different character qualities.  Their eyes can tell you a whole story. The artist grabs that moment when the soul is at peace or tense within. And along comes a connection of intimacy shared with their models. Once done in any media becomes a memory. A reminder of our kind that may be present with us or gone. Its interest relies on preserving it for a family, and eventually a collectible.
Recently, portraits have been going through many changes due to digital camera development. We thank, free digitalization and its many applications. It has helped other artists breakthrough through the setting banalities, for it does not follow one style and is free to explore in many directions.

So why paint a painting when we have a digital photo? The difference relies on its three-dimensionalities. The layers add depth, making us see details we miss in life. feeling it as if the person will move from the canvas. Perhaps the artist reflects the person’s soul. Then it shows the inner feelings within. The human touch alone will not disappear. But still a unique medium for every person who beholds only one experience through his eye.
The fascination and engagement come from seeing ourselves in three-dimensional form. And there is the memory of yourself when you were young.
All through centuries and now as well, a matter of fascination. The image reveals some trades in a person’s character. Beginning with their eyes, it makes us speculate about another known person. The mind tends to relate, for it looks for known positive situations with familiar people. Otherwise, it connects us to their attractiveness for admiration.
In ancient times Roman busts showed success. Greeks venerate the beauty of their sculptural bodies to celebrate the Olympic games. They linked the mind and the body as one entity. In a healthy mind, healthy body. Enjoy it.Portraying Features
“Portraying Features” size 12″ x 6″ Vine Charcoal on paper
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