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Motion in Time


A Symphony of Existence Unveiled

Embarking upon the mesmerizing canvas of “Motion in Time,” the delicate interplay of fleeting perceptions orchestrates a poetic dance. Resonating with the transience of laughter and the echoes of sadness. Swirling amidst fumes, a reflection on our place in the vast space. It emerges, urging us to pause and elevate our awareness to cosmic dimensions.

Motion in time is a poignant call that echoes within a call to awaken the inner self. Musicians contribute to this symphony, weaving love through melodic notes, while a simple walk infuses peace. And love. There is a profound emotion that blooms and fosters empathy. Yet it stands still in the face of challenges posed by the envy of detractors. Another facet of this is the cube form in this painting, which serves as a reminder that awareness must endure. Even amidst the predictability of challenges, we learn to transcend through this unwavering vigilance.

The cube artfully creates a veil glint, fading into the vast shadows within the composition. Zig-zag layers guide the cube’s form at a gravitational force, compelling its center to float. Perhaps in this ascent, solitude becomes a companion, revealing answers to the mysteries that transcend the confines of the present.

This concept took root during a season of personal growth sparked by the unexpected visitor of illness. It propelled a return to childhood innocence. It became a juncture for profound self-reflection and a quest for the divine in the vastness of the cosmic.

Akin to cycles. Each passage marks the conclusion of a new trajectory in our sense. In short, it extends an invitation to witness a profound awareness of the eternal dance of life.

Motion in Time

Motion in Time Oil on Paper Size 2″ x 4″ 2023

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