Horse Racing

  HORSE RACING DYNAMICS IMPRESSION “The Front Runner” 30″ x 14″ Oil on canvas 2017 I like to re-create that moment we feel when we watch them speeding. In the first place, by placing the objects next to each other. Likewise, using geometric shapes together as a plane. Then, build layers. VIDEO LINK HORSE RACING  […]

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DISTORTIONS LIFE REFLECTIONS “The Beginning” Oil on Paper Size 4″ x 7″ MIND SETTING Relate to life cycle concepts. Such as life and death. I developed this series directed to observation and reflection.   CYCLE DISTORTIONS Equally, projecting through colors and symbols alluring reactions to our perceptions. video Link   LIFE REFLECTIONS MEANINGFUL OBSERVATIONS We get so confused […]

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Nature Environment

Environmental Art

ENVIRONMENTAL ART NATURE ENVIRONMENT “Hope” 24″ x 18″ Watercolor on Paper, 2018 Every culture has its ways of taking care of nature further, all in the name of progress.  Incidentally, greed wins most of the time. In addition, some governments do not address the problem deep enough. Afterward, we do not even think about the […]

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Boundless TIme

The Infinite

THE INFINITE BOUNDLESS TIME BOUNDLESS TIME The image above represents the path we walk in life from beginning to end. Just as it is our being in this world. Video Link BOUNDLESS TIME LEARNING WISDOM According to philosophers is a non-ending constraint. Related to the life cycle. It begins with the proper aspect of life […]

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Dream Catcher

DREAM CATCHER ENIGMA           A talisman is used to protect us, from bad dreams. The circle flows through the feathers and allows good dreams to go to the person. Somehow dreams that haunt us are caused by problems in the physical world.  Nevertheless, manageable and inexplicable. REVEALED MINDSET And that is when […]

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