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Roundabout, in the ebb and flow of existence, innocence meets its inevitable end, marking the dawn of a new chapter— a time to grow and revisit the places where you were once left behind. Hence, Embracing the unexpected challenges that lie ahead, as closeness blooms, emotions burgeon like wildflowers. When the journey reaches its conclusion, a profound sense of liberation sets the mind ablaze, celebrating the joy of being alive.

Success finds a simpler path when fueled by passion, as art has taught me. Balancing the pursuit of dreams with the warmth of family demands, energy, and unwavering effort. Yet, when love comes knocking once again, the circle of life commences, unstoppable and unyielding. Duties and commitments intertwine, and life unfurls with a unique, unpredictable essence—no formula can dictate its course. Continuity requires mutual effort, each supporting the other; the absence of one jeopardizes the harmony of the whole.

Within this roundabout of life, memories play like a film reel, showing us moments of joy and turmoil alike. Each word echoes, leaving an indelible impression. Body language and enigmatic riddles yield answers, etching the experiences onto the canvas of life. Instincts guide us forward, the present, and unfurling new horizons.

The symbols adorning their bodies—born from the essence of the female—embrace the man, who shrouds his face in the veil of darkness. These symbols intertwine, reflecting the intertwining of ideas and perspectives, a harmonious dance of shared experiences.

Ultimately, I stand before the easel, once brimming with creative ideas, now bereft of life’s essence to share. The artwork titled “Roundabout” serves as a poignant reminder of the ever-changing currents of existence—a tribute to the cycles of life, love, and growth that shape our journey.

As we go through this intricate tapestry, we come to cherish our connections, treasuring both the joys and the trials as they weave together to form the masterpiece of our lives.


“Roundabout” 24″ x 18″ Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

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Oasis, enter a realm where the boundaries of storytelling dissolve,  in perfect harmony. It’s a sanctuary we all yearn for, an escape from life’s frenetic pace.  Each passing moment is infused with pure joy.

Beside this idyllic haven, symbols come to life—the stately pines personifying the delicate dance between masculine and feminine. Moreover, the energies, the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang in the natural world.

Besides, delving deeper, I embarked on a journey through a tapestry of diverse patterns. Drawing inspiration from Native American, Middle Eastern, and European cultures. In addition, these designs weave together, giving rise to a living masterpiece that defies borders—a testament to our interconnectedness with the Earth.

Within the intricate patterns etched upon the tree bark, enigmatic forms emerge, whispering the secrets of longevity and serenity. Also, Trees symbolize partnership, cooperation, and a sense of calm.

Across ancient cultures, burning pine incense purifies the air, dispelling malevolent spirits and nightmares.

Though the figures in the artwork may seem separate, their connection lies in the eternal flow of water—an emblem of purity. The male and female figure signifies change and renewal, in the eternal cycle of life.

Patterns serve as guides, leading on a journey, in full detail at every turn. The forms guard realms, from the wonders to the vast cosmic expanse. Thereafter, the life of nature and human creation.

Symbols pass the mere picture of physicality. In addition, it encompasses a state of mind—an oasis that dwells inner peace and safeguards our sense of security.

In conclusion, this realm, where seasons merge, symbols entwine, and patterns reveal the path of study. Reveals the beauty that lies within, for art, has the power to unveil the profound in the simplest of moments.


“Oasis” 60″ x 43″ Oil on Canvas, mix Media 2017

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Voices, the serene and melodic whispers that embrace the sandy beaches of Fire Island inspire deep introspection. Summoning forth contemplation of the souls who have graced these hallowed shores throughout time. It is within life’s intricate tapestry that we uncover the profound teachings of humility and the avoidance of avarice. Though seemingly straightforward, these lessons often elude us in the respect that cannot be procured through material means; they are earned through a life well-lived, through choices and actions that speak volumes.

Inevitably, we stumble along our individual paths, yearning for the elusive ability to turn back the hands of time. Rectifying our mistakes with unwavering wisdom. Alas, this learning remains naught but a wistful notion. However, while we still traverse the realm of the living, we retain the opportunity to redeem ourselves, mend our ways, and forge a better future. It is all too easy to cast judgment upon those with pure hearts, for we, as a collective, have grown accustomed to the presence of goodness, often taking it for granted. Therefore, it becomes our duty to stand resolute and unwavering in our values and virtues, refusing to allow the insidious voices of doubt and despair to drain our spirits.

Alas, life is bereft of a universal formula, and each of us must reckon with the consequences of our actions. Moreover, this painting serves as a testament to the frailty of those souls. Who relentlessly seek to drag others into the abyss of their own discontent. They, the victims of their own circumstances, remain ill-equipped intermediaries, for in the final act, they depart this world empty-handed.

Tragically, has led to the downfall of approximately six hundred and forty vessels.  Ending their journey prematurely upon these very shores.

But, in the face of gales, their voices echo through the air, whispering words of reunion. As the gusts recede, their souls find solace, finding respite within the lighthouse peace.

In short, this creation, aptly titled “Voices” stands as a tribute to the legions of souls who have left an indelible imprint upon the Long Island seashore. they navigated the ebb and flow of existence, forever interwoven with the vastness of the boundless ocean.

“Voices” Size 60″ x 43″ Oil on Canvas 2021

Editor credits: “Muhammad T.”

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