Posing modeling

Pilar Pascual

PILAR PASCUAL   “Pilar Pascual” Oil on Masonite Wood, 18′ X 14″ 1995 POSING MODELING STUDIO MEETING On that day, she came dressed and ready to dance. Indeed, pose for us four times every Monday for four hours. As a ticket of appreciation, some students gave her posing drawings. video link POSING MODELING FINDING AND […]

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Finding Meaning

Visual Metamorphosis

VISUAL METAMORPHOSIS FINDING MEANING The development of an object is the term we use to indicate shape-fluctuation in art.  It allows an artist to transform a shape representing one item into a similar form. VIDEO REFERENCE VISUAL METAMORPHOSIS/FINDING MEANING   DESCRIPTIVE MEANING  Certainly, what is essential? is value and meaning to a piece. Subsequently, mechanized […]

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rejoice life

Summer Celebration

SUMMER CELEBRATION REJOICING LIFE  “MANHATTAN SUNSET” 12″ x 12″ OIL ON CANVAS 2017 video Link Heat is here, and after a year of hibernation due to the COVI19, we are ready to reclaim our freedom. So enjoy an excellent refreshing view. God bless you all. REJOICING LIFE To begin with, It is a view from […]

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Documenting Art

DOCUMENTING ART “CITY REFLECTIONS” Watercolor on bristle paper, 14″ x 17″ 2012 EVOQUE ENVIRONMENT Miles David’s sketches of Spain inspire the title. Further, a masterpiece of jazz was released in 1960. Buildings flowing like a fan recall the wind in the winter. It is the cadence within the image for New York seems to wave […]

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Showcase Art

SHOWCASE ART DISPLAY First, we find representations of people everywhere, however, in contemporary art, portraits are much more than pure representation. The above represents what is considered in new art. When it comes to customs, we get an itch to find out who is behind. Further, this creates mystery. The purpose here relies on separating “Good […]

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