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“The Vision” appeals to the psychological relationship between life and death.It depicts colorful ghostly figures and bluish-grey death bodies. They are hanging as a reminder of the connection between both worlds. We continue to live as if they did not exist. But many of us, who have lost a loved one, know that our souls …

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To begin with, there are many reasons why divorce occurs, and one of them is money. whereas, plans are unrealistic, for life is not a formula. At first triggering in different situations. Then due to a lack of communication from both sides. And consequently, ending up with one of the parties becoming a freak controller. …

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Carbonsillo Charcoal medium is one of the oldest media. That dates back some 28,000 BC Imagined our ancestors needing to document hunt events. Or on the other hand, rituals were painting their faces meant to become adults. Moreover, it became much refined by the latest artist by burning wood, from big to tiny portions bound …

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