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The Vision

“The Vision” appeals to the psychological relationship between life and death. Moreover, it depicts colorful ghostly figures and bluish-grey death bodies. They are hanging as a reminder of the connection between both worlds. We continue to live as if they did not exist. But many of us who have lost a loved one know that our souls never dissolve into nothingness. On the contrary, our spirits continue to exist.
Symbols on this subject present a narrative story. The first figure in front of us wears an evil mask. The red color is euphoric, temperamental, mad, hungry; you name it. Either is the punisher or the savior. This refers to people who use roundabout words to hurt you later. On the other side, the flag he beholds is waving victory. This translation is about government manipulation and contradictions.
Moreover, The hanged are the victims of their neglected society. On the right side, there is a window with two dark figures. They were gazing at the people in the plaza and perhaps rejoicing in their victory.
Ultimately, the whole scene celebrates the dead as part of our life—the eternity of heaven, which, in the end, culminates in an insatiable encounter between reality and fantasy. And to conclude, in search of a new spiritual well-being feeling.

The Vision

“The Vision” Size 68″ x 50″ Oil on Canvas 1995
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