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Levels, “A composition that moves back and forth by its force.”

This subject explores inverse dynamics within small lines. Furthermore, to enhance the composition.

It moves back and forth to one point where it originated. With this intention to play with our sight.

The idea was born from a movie about a French scene in the elevator. The sunlight reflected wide open through the Deco bars.

It was a sunny afternoon, inspiring me to re-create music with visuals.

Notice the spaces painted in yellow pale. Thus it is the absent tempo. The silent rest in the empty area; where exist music. So, of say, our heartbeats echo in our heads the muted sound.

There are multiple variations of lines shapes and color degrees. So which creates a frequency in a splashing mood?

On the other hand, It feels as if we are looking at a card game. Coming back out in a new light.

Art Deco was first exhibited in 1925 in France, and its father was George Barbier. The influence is still prominent all over the world. 

So much everything is being said and done. Every ten years, they sent us sickness, and we are still here. Either the Lines falling is our upcoming or our fall. 

Old ideas will update in new ways. Then we will be gone, and nature will be here to remind the new generations of our passage fragility. PROPORTION

Does this painting consider Art Deco? And my answer is yes, but in the texture. Moreover, it has been digested and brought up in a new idea related to music. Many other artists have done it? As I mentioned before, we artists take things and renew them in a new light, Have fun.


“Levels” 52″ x 48″ Oil on canvas 2019



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5 months ago

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