Portraits in Art



Carbonsillo Charcoal medium is one of the oldest media. That dates back some 28,000 BC Imagined our ancestors needing to document hunt events. Or on the other hand, rituals were painting their faces meant to become adults. Moreover, it became much refined by the latest artist by burning wood, from big to tiny portions bound …

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  Portraiture Every person has different qualities in their character. Their eyes can tell you a whole story. The artist grabs that moment when the soul is in peace or tense within. And along comes a connection of intimacy shared with their models. Once done in any media becomes a memory. A reminder of our …

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Horse Racing

HORSE RACING DYNAMICS IMPRESSION “The Front Runner” 30″ x 14″ Oil on canvas 2017 I like to re-create that moment we feel when we watch them speeding. In the first place by placing the objects next to each other. Likewise, using geometric shapes together as a plane. Then, build layers to add depth. VIDEO LINK …

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Posing modeling

Pilar Pascual

PILAR PASCUAL POSING MODELING   POSING MODELING STUDIO MEETING On that day, she came dressed and ready to dance. Indeed, pose for us four times every Monday for four hours. As a ticket of appreciation, some students gave her posing drawings. video link POSING MODELING FINDING AND DISCOVERING Above is one best piece about her …

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