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Enigmatic Creatures


Enigmatic Creatures: Symbols in the Shadows

Enigmatic creatures explore the deep secret of life’s many facets. Birds and humans united in this tableau. Their stories are woven with threads of fascination and mystery.
Indeed, the raven carries a reputation of doom. An omen of evil associated with graves and death. Yet, it possesses a remarkable talent for communication. In the medieval period, these birds served as a vital means of transmitting messages.
However, they should not be harmed because they may retaliate by shattering windows. A testament to their intelligence and resilience.
Another enigmatic symbol gracing this canvas is the owl, a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. His penetrating eyes offer a perspective on the wild and unknown. A contemplative gaze is warning us of impending threads. To the Celts and Egyptians, it was a gatekeeper to other realms, mainly guiding the souls of the departed.
Moreover, a human emerges with a gas mask, which signals a society in turmoil. Behind the owl, a woman in a tunic represents the saintly. Perhaps, a hope we all carry within us.
Also, Just beyond, near the house’s left side, an entity recalls eerie encounters.  It has been in the back of my head for so many years. A figure passed next to me, shutting doors and walking away through the back door yard.
I chose to interpret these subjects during the night. It also adds unity because it focuses on less distraction and makes it easy to look at.
Besides, the composition is parallel. The object held to the other. Over and above, it makes the painting more dynamic.
In conclusion, “enigmatic creatures” invite us to consider life’s secrets. We recognize the sacred and embrace the wonder that lingers just beyond the veil of our existence.

Enigmatic Figures

“The Night Watchers” Size 18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas 2019
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