To begin with, there are many reasons why divorce occurs, and one of them is money. whereas, plans are unrealistic, for life is not a formula. At first triggering in different situations. Then due to a lack of communication from both sides. And consequently, ending up with one of the parties becoming a freak controller.


Thus, this subject shows two people inside a cave in a thinking position. The fetal position offers a relaxing and calm place.

For some couples, this is a withdrawal of feelings. Turning the Life clock to amend failures is just a fantasy. we learn from our mistakes and makes us strong. It is a stepping stone in the path of life.



Furthermore, this position denotes a strong independent person. Over and above that we all have our weak side, which we could fall into easily.
The idea is based on life experiences called “relationships.” It came out at a point that lasted just a month. And just enough time to produce four paintings.


Moreover, there is a misunderstanding regarding the artist. Some people tend to stereotype us as dark and depressed. Nevertheless, In none of these cases, we all are going through different situations where we are vulnerable. In contrast, the disclosure comes in images that release us from unsettled sentiments.


Besides, my art has always been there in hardship moments. Saving me from not drowning in my mind. Which triggers our personality with insecurities that do not let us grow.

In conclusion, pursuing a life in knowledge is rewarding. And in the end, I have chosen to stay with my creativity. Last but not least, falling down, or rating up is up to me and nobody else. Responsibilities? I have many of them and to worry “about what we are going to do honey today” is out of my league. Thank you, I pass, enjoy it.

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