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The Ferry




One among the many transporters from Long Island in New York. At night breezy and comfortable. But it all depends on where you are sitting. On a summer day, enjoy the trip on the top level. You can see Connecticut on the other side. Your car is in good hands. And by the way, the Galley has a good breakfast if you pass by in the morning. Among other currency as the friendly bartenders. The name comes from the Irish reduced anglicized form of Gaelic fearadhigh, meaning “unknown name.” Most related to the old English verb ferian, “to carry.”  The Ferry/Transporter


The location of Port Jefferson is named after our President Thomas Jefferson. Founded by steamboat companies who built them.  On the other hand, the illegal consumption of alcohol such as rum became a problem for the authorities. Production was confiscated from 1921 to 1933. Now days is replaced with tourism and business.

Moreover, the winter shows metallic blue on the water. The boardwalk on a snow day cast shadows in various light purple and greens from its surrounds.  Exciting and full of surprises.  The Ferry/Transporter

Technical Approach

Further to say, the most complicated part of working on these specific subjects is the water which changes every second. I placed together different fragments into one image. then enhanced on large to small scales. Followed it by the first waterfront, poles second, steamboat third, and the sky in the back.

I use watercolor medium for its open and transparent pigments. It also gives the rigid mechanics a loose and more relaxing style. On the contrary to oil painting is luminous and spontaneous.  The Ferry/Transporter

Then it comes to the details from the water. Decisions have to be made to make it work. Such as, which direction the waves are moving. Also, its reflection is critical. This last one is what enriches the subject with hue variations.  


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