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Heat is here, and after a year of hibernation due to COVID-19, we are ready to reclaim our freedom. So enjoy an excellent refreshing view. God bless you all.


To begin with, it is a view from the lower east side. Watch it from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, unique on its own. Summer is red hot by six o clock. Moreover, there is much value in looking at it. Further, a meaningful gift that we have overcome the day.

Hence, enjoyment relies upon relaxing and enjoying today’s achievements. If not, there will be another time, for every day, the experience is different.

Water is one of the significant elements in the world, and so more often artists will dedicate the entire canvas to it. They usually enhance the scene with boats and trees. Or built ambiance with a sunset sky which is calming and relaxing.

In addition, there is a three-minute video about this subject. I recommended that you watch it. First, feel the music waving at the palette, building in hazy layers, Second, executing dark tones creates an atmospheric effect on the water. Third, there is a classification of color and what they mean regarding Purity; love is fun.rejoicing life“The Fish” Size 34″ x 28″ Mix Media 2017

The Olympic Stadium in Montreal Canada inspired me to create this subject. Afterward, this structure resembles a giant crab.
There are many advantages when using mixed media. It is unique in terms of direction; It makes you get off from the realism technique and the challenges that come with the composition.


“At The Pier Sunset” 

12″ x 12″ Oil on canvas, 2017


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