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It is not a Rivera is a Lucin; this subject I have been holding for years. Further info it represents life dangers. Related to human beings in general, for it has to do with how fragile we are. There are many symbols and anecdotes where the idea came from and became a meaningful theme.
The name is originally from the indigenous Chaco in New Mexico, Anasazi’s descendants. Then there is another first version, called “ Redemption,” which apologizes to all those poor dead souls. Further, the model kneels in a fetal position, portending its next step to free its soul.


A spontaneous subject goes through many ideas to become his own. Back to the concept, the bull, in exhaustion, rests its head down, waiting to stave the person in front. At that point, the portrayed man without shoes is ready to enter heaven, a catholic tradition symbol of purity. However, on the other hand, his entity is at risk. The whole scene symbolizes fear of the dead, besides the eagerness for humankind to risk Life. We are very connected to how sensitive and fragile our Life is. The excitement of feeling dead knocking behind our backs makes us feel alive, at least for a second. Hence, respect exists on the other side of us; we are ready to accept our presage. By removing our shoes, we are revering out pureness to enter the holy ground.

On the other hand, considering feedback from people, some have seen the bull horns as a halo. Finally, others comment as evil and accept it as a part of Life.

In conclusion, one moment, we are here, and the other, we may disappear. Anything else does not matter anymore. Problems are gone, and from here is one step to mortality.


“Chaco” Size 24″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas 2002


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“Borders,” size 42″x 59″ Mix Media on Canvas 2021-23

The idea was born from a trip to Canada in Montreal. At the train station, to visit the dome, there were walls full of mosaic art. Full of orange, yellow, and green tones casting an afternoon light on the floor. Not from the fluorescent light but the street sidewalk iron bars, which were enchanting. Moreover, the USA flag model came from Jasper Johns, an American painter, sculptor, and printmaking artist. So transforming images from sources is recharging along with a past project in mind.


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Furthermore, for this reason, a political statement has many points to consider for its content. Then, in the technical aspect, it urges to alter the color. In either case, the stripes of white and blue changed. In general, the whole image where the flag with patterns rest. Green depicts fertile ground; also, the entire forest means abundance. Underneath the banner in the gold background full of Maya and Aztec symbols rest in ancient history.
In addition, crows are flying into the light, symbolizing the people.
For this reason, unable to cross the wall, some may die of starvation or drowning to find freedom. Thus, not leaving behind the smuggling of drugs in the middle of the need of the people and the lord drugs creates more problems. Further, then everybody pays for it, and deportation is inevitable.
Moreover, now clear what the message is. This depiction represents the wall between the USA, Latin America, and other settlers. Consequently, it generates more income for impresarios in the labor areas. For others, a thread. In conclusion, the government has never ceased to steal, for their selfishness does not let them see the future of their citizens. In short, some people may meet to face their demise on the road to freedom.

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Urban Images


This painting is about people and city buildings from the present and the past. I present two groups of people and places in various settings.
The first person is the vendor, who is texting while working. The second is a group of municipal officials posing for a photo. The third is the city park and the Natural Museum of History.

Urban Images

It was the beginning of spring, and I decided to go to the city. As I was searching for ideas, I walked by Museum Street. The scene above caught my attention. Vendors were selling coffee in their cars, but a picture in black and white was on the glass window. It was very different from the many advertisement photos on the streets.
At first, the subjects in the pics looked like German aviators to me. Still, observing closely, I realized that one of the soldiers was wearing an adult British Brodie hat from World War II.
A simple black-and-white picture helps you focus on the main subject and is soothing to your eyesight. In addition, it levels the whole canvas into one.

In addition, the city colors in gray have been enhanced in warm colors to show the other side of life. As a result, there is plenty of enjoyment and excitement.
Then I found my way to re-designing during this term, combined with glass reflections. These pictures at first evoke a mix of ideas in our heads that will later crystallize as transparent images. Although the composition is parallel, the focal points are the models followed by the fragmented city. It shows the places and the excitement of its people.

In conclusion, the painting has many clues, full of spark and creativity. So enjoy these images of buildings full of glass and the people in their golden legacy.

Urban Images

“Urban Images” Size 34″ x 34″ Oil on Canvas 2020

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Urban Images

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Window Shopping


This painting raises questions about conventionalism. From the male perspective, the female fits the stereotype of being available.
The idea is that behavioral and psychological differences between the sexes have biological causes that have remained for a lifetime, and there is no winning or losing in every way.


The glass window projects one’s soul. The other images, such as the signs, are us; the words are our universe. We mirror her actions, fulfilling what we may wish to feel, think, or be adverse to for her when in reality is only an assumption.

Also, this subject explores the stereotypes from the male and female perspectives—their perspective regarding their assumptions about appearance.

For instance, we encounter stereotypes in society almost daily. The advertisement is number one on my list. From fashion magazines to home décor magazines, the woman is presented as slim and perfect.

Conversely, a man must look sharp and intelligent under any circumstances. But, unfortunately, we live in a society where appearance is too much to put up. There is no right or wrong for not looking suitable to other expectations.

In addition, in the technical aspect, layers and tones recreate transparency to recreate a collage look. The glazing reflects backward letters on most of the model body. Notice she is almost hiding behind these elements. The focal point is on her face pointing at the sign recalling to open.

Her beauty is intoxicating, and we can not escape it. She is not for sale, just attending the store. Boutiques in Manhattan are energetic and appealing. They induce you to buy. But do not let it take you on!

In conclusion, assuming ideas creates false findings and can get us in deep trouble. Better to let the path run its course by observing and being discreet.


“Window Shopping” Size 34″ x 34″ Oil on Canvas 2018

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Love Momentum


The warmth of the new summer sunshine warming my body is a feeling of renewal after a long winter. It is time to make changes, and I love being outdoors.


Attending local art fairs and gatherings is something I do to be a part of the art community. While at a painting exhibit in a nearby park. I met a woman who was one of the event organizers. We had a pleasant conversation and a spark of interest at this sunny Sunday art fair. After that, we started to get together to discuss painting over coffee. Eventually, we began an affair.

It was an enjoyable experience spending time together, talking about art, attending galleries, and communicating with the excitement of new lovers.

Eventually, the reality of personal responsibilities changed everything. Family commitments became a wedge in the wave of new love. The feelings changed. We grew apart.

Like a fresh flower, cut from the nourishing earth, in the bask of a warm summer sun, and displayed in a vase of still water, the passing of lovers will eventually wither away.

Love can last a lifetime or fade like a moment in a shadow.

Painting Details:

I developed this idea two years ago in my shady garden. Growing all types of flowers is rewarding, and I am happy to see them blooming.

Having flowers in the house adds the colorful beauty of nature and inspiration. To create this painting. I tried a different still-life approach; to enlarge small objects into an enlarged canvas. The painting looked shallow, and it needed to have meaning. Following this, I let it rest for a time. A year later, the message I searched for came in time. The petals cast a shadow, the stand holds a few spines for something so delicate as her beauty.

“It reflects a moment in time, summers ago.”

Love Momentum

“Love Momentum” Size 48″ x 60″ Oil on Canvas 2023

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