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Good and Evil


On the same coin, good and evil come from different experiences. The person is brought to light by crime when the murder of his parent leaves a devastating mark on his young life. The other is forced to pay for his father’s crimes, serving time in prison. This experience made him want to fight the people who sent him there.

The turmoil and social construct of the world influence them, not for good. Governments and corporations utilize media to direct the aimless dance of youth with commercialism and division. Greed and hatred forged by the power-hungry create a societal breakdown infused with resentment and chaos.

However, some join and embrace lies and deception to perpetuate and benefit from the madness and confusion. Others will fight to bring those responsible for their crimes, of which they create a system to allow themselves to operate freely, to a natural justice where the truth reigns supreme.

But we are itching to find out who is behind that mask. Further, curiosity plays with our minds to create mystery. We perceive what they want us to see from them, which is an unclear personality that may not even be real. The painting shows both posing and glazing on the right side, but by their looks, they have found something even more significant than themselves.

It amazes me to see how people change from one moment to the next by being cynical. Seeing them degrade themselves without achieving satisfaction is exhausting. However, at the end of our lives, we take nothing with us, and our bodies will return to the ground.

Good and Evil

“Good and Evil” size 30″ x 30″  2017-23

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Writing credit Chris Taomina


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