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Roundabout, in the ebb and flow of existence, innocence meets its inevitable end, marking the dawn of a new chapter— a time to grow and revisit the places where you were once left behind. Hence, Embracing the unexpected challenges that lie ahead, as closeness blooms, emotions burgeon like wildflowers. When the journey reaches its conclusion, a profound sense of liberation sets the mind ablaze, celebrating the joy of being alive.

Success finds a simpler path when fueled by passion, as art has taught me. Balancing the pursuit of dreams with the warmth of family demands, energy, and unwavering effort. Yet, when love comes knocking once again, the circle of life commences, unstoppable and unyielding. Duties and commitments intertwine, and life unfurls with a unique, unpredictable essence—no formula can dictate its course. Continuity requires mutual effort, each supporting the other; the absence of one jeopardizes the harmony of the whole.

Within this roundabout of life, memories play like a film reel, showing us moments of joy and turmoil alike. Each word echoes, leaving an indelible impression. Body language and enigmatic riddles yield answers, etching the experiences onto the canvas of life. Instincts guide us forward, the present, and unfurling new horizons.

The symbols adorning their bodies—born from the essence of the female—embrace the man, who shrouds his face in the veil of darkness. These symbols intertwine, reflecting the intertwining of ideas and perspectives, a harmonious dance of shared experiences.

Ultimately, I stand before the easel, once brimming with creative ideas, now bereft of life’s essence to share. The artwork titled “Roundabout” serves as a poignant reminder of the ever-changing currents of existence—a tribute to the cycles of life, love, and growth that shape our journey.

As we go through this intricate tapestry, we come to cherish our connections, treasuring both the joys and the trials as they weave together to form the masterpiece of our lives.


“Roundabout” 24″ x 18″ Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

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