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Window Shopping


Window shopping raises questions about conventionalism. From the male perspective, the female fits the stereotype of being available.
The idea is that behavioral and psychological differences between the sexes have biological causes that have remained for a lifetime, and there is no winning or losing in every way.

The glass window projects one’s soul. The other images, such as the signs, are us; the words are our universe. We mirror her actions, fulfilling what we may wish to feel, think, or be adverse to for her when in reality is only an assumption.

Also, window shopping explores the stereotypes from the male and female perspectives—their perspective regarding their assumptions about appearance.

For instance, we encounter stereotypes in society almost daily. The advertisement is number one on my list. From fashion magazines to home décor magazines, the woman is presented as slim and perfect.

Conversely, a man must look sharp and intelligent under any circumstances. But, unfortunately, we live in a society where appearance is too much to put up. There is no right or wrong for not looking suitable to other expectations.

In addition, in the technical aspect, layers and tones recreate transparency to recreate a collage look. The glazing reflects backward letters on most of the model body. Notice she is almost hiding behind these elements. The focal point is on her face pointing at the sign recalling to open.

Her beauty is intoxicating, and we can not escape it. She is not for sale, just attending the store. Boutiques in Manhattan are energetic and appealing. They induce you to buy. But do not let it take you on!

In conclusion, assuming ideas creates false findings and can get us in deep trouble. Better to let the path run its course by observing and being discreet.

window shopping

“Window Shopping” Size 34″ x 34″ Oil on Canvas 2018

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