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The Tide

The Tide A Flow of Life’s Essence

Within the canvas of “The Tide,” we find a mirror on the nature of existence, where every retreat marks both an end and a fresh beginning. A  dance of life itself.
As we stand here, four years since the scourge of COVID-19 swept through our world. We remember the harsh reality it imposed. Masks were not mere accessories; they became lifelines. When even the air felt scarce. In those trying times, we lost friends, their absence haunting us. The absence of proper farewells and burials is a painful complexity. Yet, here we stand, survivors made stronger by adversity. Bracing ourselves for the uncertain tides of the future. For now, new epidemics threaten to surface.
Besides, in its ceaseless motion, the tide mirrors our existence duality. A torrent of emotions interwoven with the beauty of the sun casting its golden glow. It symbolizes hope, the belief in positive forces and higher beings watching over us. Indeed, we are not alone in this vast universe. but this notion often stirs jealousy, a reminder to seek protection and keep negativity at bay.
Still, Humanity’s presence is notably absent within the tide. Besides embracing,  an allegory for our strong hopes. It beckons introspection, posing questions about the depth of our emotions. Have we, in our relentless pursuits, eroded our connection with our own essence?
Moreover, centuries of history have etched humanity’s tale in cyclical patterns. A moment. where we strive, falter, learn, and evolve. The lessons we glean from our past determine our growth in the present.
“The Tide” is proof of the power of minimalist art, where simplicity expands to magnify life’s deep truths. It mirrors the vastness of our experiences. The waves, like our journey, represent the pursuit of eternal being. The canvas displays the sparkling beauty and vitality of our existence. However, it also embodies the principle that true worth is born of struggle and perseverance.

The Tide

‘The Tide” Size 59″ x 48″ Oil and Mix media on canvas, 2023
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