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Sombra: A Meditative Canvas of Life and Tradition

Within the canvas of “Sombra,” a vivid veil unfolds, the essence of a serene Sunday afternoon basking in dappled shade in a stadium. This masterpiece represents a paradox, a fusion of subjectivity and objectivity. Foremost, the bullfighter defies his fate before a background of public view.
However, the figure to the left exudes an air of calm security and confidence that no harm will befall him. Far-reaching here, we delve into the winding web of cultures and their traditions. A devoid of judgment, beauty, and charm. They are challenging us to contemplate killing animals for practice.
Moreover, this paradox deepens as we witness the bull’s demise and the male fighter’s approaching fate. A dance with death cloaked in honor. This ritual refers to ancient times when survival often hinged on such daring feats. Further, our dietary choices have evolved today, offering alternatives like herb diets that provide the same daily bread as meat. Notably, much of the USA deems bullfighting brutal, with only one enclave allowed in California for its Portuguese community.
Otherwise, from a technical perspective, the symbols embedded within the painting are provocative. It is beckoning a spiritual awakening to the complexities of life and death. A labor of love spanning five years, this masterpiece skillfully marries the precision of patterns with the raw, natural forms of its subjects.
Indeed, the symbols within the painting serve as bridges, breaking down mental obstacles and paving the way for new creative vistas. In this process, the mind sheds biases, presenting Sombra in its purest form. Even if just for a fleeting moment, surviving appears beautifully simple. Expressing gratitude for our daily sustenance becomes imperative, acknowledging the divine purpose it serves in our lives.
Therefore, “Sombra” transcends mere artistry; it’s a reflection, a contemplative journey into the depths of tradition, morality, and the simplicity of existence. Its vivid strokes and intricate symbols invite us to embrace life’s complexities with open hearts and minds.


Sombra, 66″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas 2002
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