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The Dancer

The Dancer is the next painting in a series called “Hope.” Here, the tree is rejoicing, passing through obstacles. Thanks to environmentalists and people who are keeping our environment safe. Likewise, we all know it makes a difference to have a tree in our home or close by; it helps all communities keep clean air. An essential factor in keeping us safe for it cleans our air, which serves as shading comfort.

If there’s a good rhythm and melody, I’m all ears, likewise, with art. It is a female dancing in a blue landscape. Visualizing an object is fascinating; we are attracted to movement, color, subject, and simplicity to be happy with what we admire. Then, the tone defines the whole picture. Correlation between shapes and forms adds flavor to the main object.

However, it does not end here because we want it all. The symbols follow their form; every curve and straight line echoes a thought. And there lies the story of where the dancer’s idea came from.

Layers—I have seen them throughout the years and experimented with them. The more you add, the more attractive it is, no matter what the subject is, and using composition is essential to building this core. Nonetheless, we must be careful not to overdo it. Foresight: our mind bombards us with so many layers of ideas that result in unbalancing a color, turning it into a painful sight. The best answer is to simplify and return to the first theory—intuition helps, too.

The dancer represents the female in nature. We have the music inside, indeed. Then, the transformation into a tree is an allegory to her fructose life. Picaresque and arrogant, full of life at every step. The fruits she carries on her bark are rectangles, circles, ovals, and flowers. They all dance to her tempo and compass.

To conclude, let’s hope that every tree will be saved in the world and for all the people and fauna. Mother nature opens their minds and appreciates life as a sacred ground.

The DancerThe Dancer 24″ x 18″ 2024

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