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A talisman is used to protect sleeping people. The circle flows through the feathers and allows the excellent dream to go to the person.

Somehow dreams that haunt us are caused by problems in the physical world, nevertheless manageable and inexplicable.

And that is when our reasoning tells us it is a mind creation to escape problems. So, in the end, faith is what counts.

However, we remember or not is avoidable to see things that will happen in the future. Vision or not, we can control it at some point.

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Moreover, it is based on the experiences we gather from everyday life. Therefore, solving problems throughout sleep has been the best cure.

In ancient times the Greeks took it very seriously the messages the gods transmitted to them.

As a child, my family recounts me as a sleepwalk. Not to mention that I talk in my sleep to a friend of mine. My brothers, they noted.

My family used to pull me back to the house. I used to reply that somebody was calling me. It was out of my control, for I levitated while asleep.



Perhaps, being aware relies on making things better. So let’s remember life is encircled in a continuous spiritual fulfillment.

Then I found people on the journey, friends, people with who we share the same experiences. So it does Lead me to accepted and get some control over it.



Somehow, the dreaming part has left me disconcerted at times. For it is unpredictable for what we call déjà vu.

I’m pretty sure one of us has experienced it. And when recounted, we ended exhausted and perplexed to see it come true.

Sometimes It takes days when we sleep and fantasy it. Sometimes it could appear years later.

From the beginning of time to now, either complex or mystic, the net-shape still prevails in our life.


For it’s a guide to feel protect and secure from bad omen. Created from us or made from people who intimidate us with their jealousy. As long as you believe is what is more important.




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