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Identical Worlds


Identical worlds, in the intricate tapestry of existence, another world may coexist alongside our own—a universe known to somewhere the boundaries between realities blur. While we may not be solitary inhabitants on this planet. Buddhists have honed the instinct to discern where the next spirit will reincarnate—a skill we all possess to varying degrees. Just as the blind heighten their hearing, the spiritually attuned can unlock portals to glimpse the past, the present, and the future.

On the other hand, uncertainty shrouds these phenomena, and faith remains their cornerstone. Such occurrences are often termed “phenomena,” defying logical explanations. We call it a phenomenon when there is no logic behind it. The ancients wove their wisdom through dreams, creating a bridge between realms. Psychologists label this as escapism, weaving fantasies to evade reality. Regardless, across our planet’s expanse, souls akin to ours reside, bound by shared threads of existence.

Recently, Chance connected me with a stranger on a bus who marveled at my resemblance to her cousin. Such moments prompt introspection, causing us to pause in contemplation. Déjà vu, too, has crossed our paths—a sensation of familiarity in an unfamiliar place. These experiences evoke a unique feeling, leaving us in awe and the body in shock, as though from an exhaustive marathon. Yet, whether present or not, they remind us of life’s moments in nature. Doubts naturally creep in—our minds, sometimes our severe critics. Here, awareness becomes the weapon to combat this internal rival.

In short, just imagination or scaping our reality and living makes us feel secure about ourselves. And on the other side of our world, another person shares our customs and ideas. After all, we belong to this beautiful planet called Earth.

Identical Worlds

Identical Worlds, Size 52″ x 53″ Oil on Canvas 2023

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