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Watercolor on bristle paper, 14″ x 17″ 2012

Miles David’s sketches of Spain inspire the title. Further, a masterpiece of jazz release in 1960. Buildings flowing like a fan recalls the wind in the winter. It is the cadence within the image for New York seems to wave at people, “hello.”

Along, the painting above wakes us up a challenge for its variety of culture. As a result, it makes everybody be part of it and create something new, just as his music.


Furthermore, following the series about projections from the city. I used watercolor paint, adding white directly from the tube. Along, consequently the results are fresh and spontaneous. Watercolor is known for being a transparent media. Also call translucent, it is suitable for constructing forms, shadows, and highlight effects.

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“Into the Storm”
Watercolor on bristle paper 14″ x 17″ 2012

Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island very severely. Houses by the front beach flooded with water up to the second floor. It was scary to hear the news announcing the storm was in a few minutes approaching. Then it hit an electric wire, and there I was standing, asking for help inside the house. My mother was taking a shower, and suddenly the light went off. We stood without electricity for a week for the cable, and PSG electrical company did not want to move a line before fixing it. Bureaucracy among these companies never fails when one and the other must take charge. Everything came fast, a hardship memory we remember.

These are events transformed into paintings. In the first illustration, blue is a calm color, but it is in chaos. They are waving forms in a circle to depict rage.



“I See You Inside”
Watercolor on bristle paper 14″ x 17″ 2013

From an imaginary view, at first, we encounter anything but just patterns. The face of the statue of liberty shows with mosaic squares. It is an illusion meant to make people decipher clues into the visual.
It happens to everybody occasionally outside and inside our environment. Looking at the clouds after a while, what we feel and think about that moment, our mind will attract to it and will appear. Another example is fear. In our rooms, we sometimes believe somebody’s else presence. A close curtain or drapery, especially at night with shoes viewing forward, will give you goose skin. The mind plays a vital factor for it creates false assumptions, and being aware is the cure.