In the first place, is the objects within the image, For it flows smoothly from one area of the composition to another.

To follow, it is precisely the reaction within the streak horses I followed. Likewise, arranging geometric shapes together and blending them.

I like to re-create that moment we feel when we watch them speeding.

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Horse Racing Paintings

Lastly, hours of grooming care and training require long hours. Subsequently, The trainee understands horses are susceptible animals

They have good memories, and they can sense human emotions. Above all, the jockeys themselves is a whole art on its own,

For example their customs and pose are elegant and expressive, which, excels them from any other sport. Secondly, galloping horses in the morning and, if possible late afternoon. Furthermore, all build a mutual union of horse and jockey that creates trust.


Moreover, my first painting, about Horses and Jockeys called “The Front Runner.” Along, it took me an entire month to finish it. For then, I thought, it was over. So! until, five years later, I did the final touch-ups. In the cross above is an exciting never-ending experience.


“Jockey and Horses, colors and tonality are much loose in contrast to the first paint above. Furthermore, as I developed these subjects, I began to understand the artist’s misconception as being encased in one object. But as I keep painting, my subjects as a whole follow the motion within objects. In short, I live the freedom moment in frozen time inside these subjects.


Indeed, my first impression of studying horses and Jockeys came from Edgar Degas. Afterward, he concentrated on sketching and painting on the rider and horses while in training. Moreover, I use my photos and sketches as references; As a result, they allow me to freeze images at their power peak and capture them in action. In short, something those old masters would have been pleased to use, I’m content to explore it.

Horse Racing Paintings

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