In the first place, I developed this series based on observation and experience. and adapted this awareness to my artwork with a meaningful life purpose.



Relate to life cycle concepts. Such as birth, survival and Death. For instance, rage, peace, love, war, fear, jealousness, happiness, confusion.

Equally, in this series, I project through colors, images, and symbols allure reactions to our perceptions.

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We get so confused about what’s right and what’s wrong. It is so much that we forget to see the whole picture, 

As a result, we ended up creating misconceptions.  Meanwhile, Life reflections observance becomes a double knife-edge, and judging takes over one’s mind. 

That is, how to acknowledge and how listening is essential to a better relationship and friendship. To clarify, I’m describing how to make a better world instead of killing ourselves.

In other words, better to think about tomorrow, to put aside problems, and reflect on a better time attitude is another form of dealing with distortion.  Thereafter, afraid of the outside influences 



That is to say, the cycle of viability repeats, again and again; everything is said and counted. Furthermore, numbers in astrology have a purpose the moment we are born. Later on, watch a number that follows us for the rest of our being. Next to us for good or bad luck, it is there. On the other hand, “one and the other goes hand to hand.” Certainly, it is up to us to change it and controlled it.

Indeed, we are not new on this planet. Therefore, we keep up doing good and not wrong, for we have to give love to receive love.



Further, the painting above describes the series of stages from the beginning. For example, when conceived until it produces its offspring. Above all, this series of steps is a life cycle for brevity, passing through the life journey on earth.


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