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Cycle Distortions relate to concepts, such as life and death. These revolve around spontaneous brushstrokes. Along, I developed this series directed to observation and reflection. In this type of art, I’m not concerned about realism. Neither is representational but more a feeling. However, these concepts contain fast execution. My mind searches to liberate myself from the art rules of reality. Something challenging to abandon, but with awareness, all of these rules are broken here.

The distortion relies upon the message. The emotional feeling about what’s right and wrong. It is so much that we forget to see the whole picture. Just by its execution, Acknowledging and appreciating are essential to understand its meaning. In other words, returning to the beginning is the key to a better appreciation.

The painting below shows numbers relating to the cycle of viability. Everything is said and counted. Furthermore, numbers in astrology have a purpose the moment we are born. Then, later, watch a number that follows us for the rest of our being. Next to us for good or bad luck, it is there. But on the other hand, it is up to us to change and control it.

Further, the painting above visually describes the stages from the beginning. These circular shapes symbolize life movement. Like a newborn in development, our mind never ceases learning and assimilating knowledge. It represents the realization of enjoyment in the cycle. And above all, these are steps in our journey of brevity.  We are just passing through this journey on earth, to recap and make it better, Ultimately, these are recognizable images that we all relate to in one way or another. The difference is showing it in a new light,

Cycle Distortions

“Inner Numbers” 12″ x 9″ Watercolor on paper 2021

“The Beginning” Oil on Paper Size 4″ x 7″


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