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Boundless Time

The image above represents the path we walk in life from beginning to end. Just as it is our being in this world.

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Boundless Time

Forever Infinite

Learning Wisdom

According to philosophers is a non-ending constraint. Related to the life cycle.

It begins with the proper aspect of life and the true nature of all forms in the universe.

Mind Manifestation

 We develop compassion and wisdom through our life experiences.  

Along with Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathy, and equanimity (mental quietness.)

We are born not knowing these concepts.

Boundless Time

Forever Infinite

We grow, we keep evolving and fulfilling them with a life meaning.

By good faith, compassion to other people, and by consciousness relies on the answer.

Decipher Language

On the flip side, these contain the language where we are constantly in equanimity.

Conversely, called virtue unconditionally toward others and us. There we find it difficult at times to decipher.

Next to it, In the art world is called abstract. Reasoning appears in many forms and disappear easily.

Boundless Time

Forever Infinite

Seeking True

What is more, we get immersed so much in our egos.

Indeed, we forget there are more people in need out there.

We cannot buy virtue. We earn it not by asking back in return.

Acceptance Explanation

As well, these are the path of life. It has a beginning without an ending. We could have an answer now.

But, later, another person will create another situation where we will feel tense until it is resolved.


Forever Infinite

The end will be us, but everything continues just as the planets keep moving around the sun.

Coil Path

Lastly, while alive, we are the coil in the continuous infinite. And within the symbols is our transitory nature.

Where we learn to accept it as a short road full of beauty and tragedies.

Forever Infinite

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