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Finding meaning

The development of an object is the term we use to indicate shape-fluctuation in art.

It allows an artist to transform a shape representing one item into a similar form.


Visual Metamorphosis


“Octopus” 14″ x 17″ Watercolor 2019

Finding Meaning

Descriptive Meaning 

Certainly, what is essential? is value and meaning to a piece.

Subsequently, mechanized lines turn over into a familiar object.

Then, the difference relies upon a new texture.

Finding Meaning

Technical Development

The eye flows around the object and feels comfortable to watch.

Even if we do not understand it.

Visual Metamorphosis

Finding Meaning

 “A Sudden Sting” 24″ x 18″ Oil on paper, 2021

Suggested Shape

This painting shows a sudden rebirth of ideas.  The subject is a scorpion resurging from itself. 

This Arachnida will kill itself rather than be murdered by its opponent.

Then the myth is that it will come up alive. 

Finding Meaning

finding meaning

“The Snail” 24 x 18 Oil on paper, 2021

Visual Metamorphosis

Evolving Creatures

“The Snail” recalls a mounted figure similar to a tree riding over it.

Moreover, waiting for its next cycle, perhaps to hatch.

Finding Meaning

Brief Information

In addition, these tiny creatures are in the mollusk category and do not have backbones.

They fertilize another snail’s eggs and lays a clutch of eggs themselves.


Finding Meaning

“Pisces” 24 x 18 Oil on paper, 2021

Tied Emotions

On the other hand, two images together at the end of the line.

Then the mediator is the person who shares a bridge between life and death.

Unleashed Creativity

Therefore, I picture them against a soft green background, depicting them roughly. To question where beauty relies upon them. But then the answer is to procreate.

“Dedicated to Kristina” 

Visual Metamorphosis