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“Majestic Eyes”, size: 18″x 24″ Oil on canvas 2019


In the first place, the patterns concept is an underlying structure that organizes surfaces and structures. A consistent drawing, painting, and design manner are essential to achieving a structured effort in composition. It directs the eye to every single detail in an image.

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We live surrounded by a world with interlace designs in different shapes. There is no end to it.

Alternatively, we learn from nature in the bark of trees, in the waves when the wind blows it. It is like watching into space to the infinite.


Its meaning relies on her eyes and the symbols to create clues.

Hence, in my personal, I always felt that Majestic was not faithful to whom she was?

She made these different marriages and broke up relationships from one day to another.



Even more, in the technical Celtic knots use broken and reconnected plaits in repetitive patterns. 

This technical approach to drawing and painting is ideal for recalling a part of the model roots. However, it is always the case that inspiration comes from within the subjects.

Underline meaning


“Sara”, size 28″ x 38″ Oil on canvas 2017


The next painting, titled “Sara,” is inspired by one of my Yemen students. Nonetheless, her features, in contrast to Majestic, are passive.

Although there is a formula, breaking the system is exciting, for there is a wide range of creativity.

It comes with the mood of the person. I just let their eyes take me in their psychic.

The rest contain geometric shapes, such as triangle, cylinder, and flat planes theory.

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“Majestic Eyes”, size: 18″x 24″ Oil on canvas 2019