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Hey, not the Dali Lama; that caught my attention. It was his shoes. New York, in the winter, is too harsh to wear sandals. And does not do much for him. Nepal is far away colder than ours. It is the altitude in addition to it. But just like us, we acclimated to the weather in time.


The symbols are in the persona wearing a tunic from Tibet. The clues are in the details. It is common to find different characters in this metropolitan area. However, it is fascinating what we may find.
In the end, we find our memory positively having a retrospection. And that is the beauty of life. Something affects our minds.
Thinking in solitude, we suddenly remember a past moment in life.

In conclusion, it was exciting then, and now, it has become a-meaningful epiphany.


“Buddha” 20″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas

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