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Rejoicing Life



“Manhattan Sunset”

12″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas 2017

Heat is here, and after a year of hibernation due to the COVI19, we are ready to reclaim our freedom. So enjoy an excellent refreshing view. God bless you all.

Rejoicing Life

To begin with, It is a view by the lower east side. Watch it from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, unique in its own. Summer is red hot by six o clock. Moreover, there is much value in looking at it.
Further, a meaningful gift that we have overcome the day.

Hence, enjoyment relies upon relaxing and enjoy today’s achievements.
If not, there will be another time, for every day, the experience is different.

In addition, there is a three minutes video about this subject. I recommended that you watch it.

First, feel the music waving at the palette, building in hazy layers, Second, executing dark tones creates an atmospheric effect on the water. Third, there is a classification about color and what they mean regarding Purity; love is fun.

video Link



Rejoicing Life in Music


Rejoicing Life

“Tune Levels”

                        52″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas 2017

Moreover, the music levels recall minor and significant notes texture. Colors Re-arrange in sequence to convey movement. For instance, In design, the focal point purpose creates emphasis, not here. Therefore, it is reverted not in white but in the dark.
Likewise, as in music, notes travels from beginning to end in crescendo. So then, the relating spaces on the painting above in white rest a silence.


Rejoicing Life

Hence this project was born from a French elevator with metal walls were decorated with art deco. Subsequently, inspiration comes in different ways, and dimensions in a painting are fascinating for its movement.
Yellow pales glow in between French ultramarine, creating harmony.



rejoicing life


34″ x 28″ Mix Media 2017

Rejoicing Life in other places

The Olympic Stadium in Montreal in Canada inspired me to create this subject. Its antrophormic form suggested a design based on sea life. Afterwards, this structure resembles a giant crab.
There are many advantages when using mixed media. It is cheap; the challenges come with the composition.

The target relies on volume and forms encircling the subject. But, most of all, images resemble indigenous patterns from Alaska. Them the narrative provides clear information. They are combined to recreate fish floating in a vast aquarium.