$5,000.00 $5,000.00

Size  60″ x 43″  Oil on canvas 2017

Is a comfort zone where we all are hoping to be there after the long winter, and when it comes, enjoy life to is full. Also a conceptualization of symbols in nature



tentative comfort


Tentative Contentment

What is comfort?

It is a pleasant zone with no ending story as a contrast winter and summer. We all longy to be here, seeking refuge from the hectic life. And when it comes, enjoy life to is full. 

Next to it as well, as a conceptualization of symbols such as threes representing male and female are the Yam and Ying in nature 

Tentative Contentment

Here as well, I explored many patterns from the world. beginning with middle eastern, native American, and European characters.

Similarly, ornaments interlace against each other. Forming an ideal living figure without boundaries. As I mentioned in a video is chaos versus order. Here there are no rules, no class distinction we all belong to the earth.

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Tentative Contentment

Forms articulate inside the bark tree suggesting ancient life, have the formula to understand before we could find peace. Also, the purpose of the tree is to denote partnership, cooperation, and even peace.

What is more, love using patterns in my paintings for it adds consistency in a regular manner. Draw and paint it and watch how it directs the eye to every single detail.

In addition, to consistency, the repetition of forms guards other unknown realms within. Actually, we know of it and in actuality, scientists are experimenting with it. Along it is been seen in any situation, in nature, and in made images. Further to tell you seeing designs in the microscopic lens to the cosmic scales.

Finally, with these in mind Oasis is a state of mind that translates into a paradise. Nevertheless, it secures peace and guards within security to our senses.   


Tentative Contentment


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