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First, we find representations of people everywhere; however, portraits are much more than pure representations in contemporary art. The above represents what is considered new art. When it comes to customs, we get an itch to find out who is behind. Further, this creates mystery. The purpose here relies on separating “Good and Evil.” Batman and Bane fill the profile, and the other can’t exist. Afterward, it is our life paradox; we need to have the negative and the positive to learn, access conclusions, and learn about life.  

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Second, it is fun to paint animals further considering this commission about dogs, for each has a character of its own. Unfortunately, one died while painting it, but not on my account. The pet’s name is Kelly, and she has a sad face. Remember, a dog lasted from twelve to thirteen years, and she could not hold sitting for more than a minute. Sadly but true is like she’s talking to us to put her out of her misery, poor thing.

Although, the portraiture is about three pets as a gift from Jacky to her grandsons. This painting I dedicated this to Kelly. Nevertheless, the subject demands how the piece will look at the end. Then

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Lastly, oil media is complicated media to manage and relies on time. Because of the layers. then daytime and nighttime provide a different mood, and finally, to give it a flowing feel relies upon brushstrokes to recreate its beauty.


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