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Sea Gate


Isn’t the Bahamas beautiful in the summer? So cold in the winter, but Fall and Spring are comfortable. But, like so many places in New York, landmarks are replaced by new institutions.
Some are gone, and others remain. Once a site for their founder’s millionaires such as Dodge, the Vanderbilt family, and a Governor called Al Smith.
Nevertheless, they apport to it we thank them for creating this haven location. SOne of the few gated places in Brooklyn. A safe venue to walk with your family on any afternoon. Moreover, the house design varies from Queen Anne style to Mediterranean style.
Looking at my archives found this unfinished project. Above all creativity is no mix-up with insecurities. Perhaps this will be the best time to finish it using a conceptual approach. The sunsets are full of pure orange in the afternoons the white sand sparks life in all directions. Likewise, The above drawing contains a lot of details. Positioned one next to the other. Air paintings are spontaneous in their continuous light changes. It is like roller-coastering with the air. Hemoglobin runs high and this is a perfect moment to get the best out of it.
Let me acquaint you more with the area. The community forms a v form ending with the Atlantic Ocean from side to side. No wonder Sandy came in 2012 and devastated the neighborhood.
On the other hand, Full of discord, for there was a lawsuit for discrimination, I will mention many other incidents, no more.
In short, I invite you to know the place in Brooklyn, a small community just at the end of Coney Island’s southwestern end.
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Bay View 24″ x 18″ Charcoal on Paper


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