Lighthouse Voices

$2,000.00 $2,000.00

Size 60″ x 43″ Oil on canvas 2021

Lighthouse voices are a salutation recall to the many souls from the past they perished to this shores looking for a better life. As the wind fades at times, you can hear their voices echoing reconciliation in the air. find peace in 



clear manifest



Clear Manifest

There is a sound in the air that makes me think of the many souls from the past and the present. As a result history repeats itself we learn through hard lessons, the ways of life.

In other words, to be humble and stay away from greed. It sounds simple nevertheless when the real test comes that voice in us makes us forget who we are. Certainly, value and respect are not something we buy; we earned them.

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Beforehand mistakes we wish to turn the time backward and fix our problems the right way. Nevertheless is only a thought, But while we are still alive, we can redeem our behaviors. On the other hand, being too good is perceived as weak or so say fools. In contrast, it is in our nature to judge people and take for granted the good ones. Whereas we have to be strong and consistent with ourselves in our values and virtues.


Even more, let us not that other voices drag us down and leave us drained. Unfortunately, life is not a formula, and in the end, we all pay for it.

This painting I dedicated to those weak souls who constantly want to drag us down to their levels. For this reason, victims of their own circumstances poor mediums when we die we take nothing. Hence only our souls and the rest of nature will claim us back to the ground.


According to incidents, at least six hundred forty ships were wrecked by the lack of light at night.

In either event, newcomers perished coming to this shores looking for a better life. Recalling At times when

when is windy, you can hear in the wind their voices echoing reconciliation and so to conclude as the wind fades the voices too finding peace in the light.




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