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Good and Evil


On the same coin, good and evil come from different experiences. The person is brought to light by crime when the murder of his parent leaves a devastating mark on his young life. The other is forced to pay for his father’s crimes, serving time in prison. This experience made him want to fight the people who sent him there.

Both use violence to achieve their aims. One in the name of good, the other evil. Different perspectives from deep insecurity brought by their devastating experience as children.

The turmoil and social construct of the world influence them, not for good. Governments and corporations utilize media to direct the aimless dance of youth with commercialism and division. Greed and hatred forged by the power-hungry create a societal breakdown infused with resentment and chaos.

However, some join and embrace the lies and deception to perpetuate and benefit from the madness and confusion. But, others will fight to bring those responsible for their crimes, of which they create a system to allow themselves to operate freely, to a natural justice where the truth reigns supreme.

Nonetheless, the superhero and the villain. Metaphorical creations reveal the observed reality of the world where the many are fighting the few.

But, we are itching to find out who is behind that mask. Further, to create mystery, curiosity plays with our minds. We perceive what they want us to see from them, which is an unclear personality that may not even be real. The painting shows both posing and glazing on the right side, but by their looks, they have found something even more significant than themselves.

It amazes me to see how people change from one moment to the next by being cynical. Seeing them degrade themselves is exhausting without achieving satisfaction. However, at the end of our lives, we take nothing with us, and our bodies will return to the ground.

Good and Evil

“Good and Evil” size 30″ x 30″  2017-23

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Writing credit Chris Taomina


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It is not a Rivera is a Lucin; this subject I have been holding for years. Further info it represents life dangers. Related to human beings in general, for it has to do with how fragile we are. There are many symbols and anecdotes where the idea came from and became a meaningful theme.
The name is originally from the indigenous Chaco in New Mexico, Anasazi’s descendants. Then there is another first version, called “ Redemption,” which apologizes to all those poor dead souls. Further, the model kneels in a fetal position, portending its next step to free its soul.

A spontaneous subject goes through many ideas to become his own. Back to the concept, the bull, in exhaustion, rests its head down, waiting to stave Chaco. At that point, the portrayed man without shoes is ready to enter heaven, a catholic tradition symbol of purity. However, despite this, his entity is at risk. The whole scene symbolizes fear of the dead, besides the eagerness for humankind to risk Life. We are very connected to how sensitive and fragile our Life is. The excitement of feeling dead knocking behind our backs makes us feel alive, at least for a second. Hence, respect exists on the other side of us; we are ready to accept our presage. By removing our shoes, we are revering out pureness to enter the holy ground.

On the other hand, considering feedback from people, some have seen the bull horns as a halo. Finally, others comment as evil and accept it as a part of Life.

In conclusion, one moment, we are here, and the other, we may disappear. Anything else does not matter anymore. Problems are gone, and from here is one step to mortality.


“Chaco” Size 24″ x 16″ Oil on Canvas 2002


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The idea was born from a trip to Canada in Montreal. At the train station, to visit the dome, there were walls full of mosaic art. Full of orange, yellow, and green tones casting an afternoon light on the floor. Not from the fluorescent light but the street sidewalk iron bars, which were enchanting. Moreover, the USA flag model came from Jasper Johns, an American painter, sculptor, and printmaking artist. So transforming images from sources is recharging along with a past

Furthermore, for this reason, Borders is a political statement with many points to consider for its content. Then, in the technical aspect, it urges to alter the color. In either case, the stripes of white and blue changed. In general, the whole image where the flag with patterns rest. Green depicts fertile ground; also, the entire forest means abundance. Underneath the banner in the gold background full of Maya and Aztec symbols rest in ancient history.
In addition, crows are flying into the light, symbolizing the people.
For this reason, unable to cross the wall, some may die of starvation or drowning to find freedom. Thus, not leaving behind the smuggling of drugs in the middle of the need of the people and the lord drugs creates more problems. Further, then everybody pays for it, and deportation is inevitable.
Moreover, now clear what the message is. Borders’ depiction represents the wall between the USA, Latin America, and other settlers. Consequently, it generates more income for impresarios in the labor areas. For others, a thread. In conclusion, the government has never ceased to steal, for their selfishness does not let them see the future of their citizens. In short, some people may meet to face their demise on the road to freedom.


“Borders,” size 42″x 59″ Mix Media on Canvas 2021-23

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