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Broken Peace


In a world where conflicts and wars often disrupt peace, the awareness of “Broken Peace” becomes a crucial topic. Join us to raise and inspire hope even in the darkest times.
“Broken Peace” presents the chaos that follows wars. we carry flaws, but that is why we are here: to improve things. we must make amends.
Moreover, to do so, we must first acknowledge our shortcomings and places for progress. So we can overcome our vulnerabilities. The answer relies on recognizing them and working on our growth. It encourages self-reflection and self-correction as tools for personal growth and development.
Many people struggle to understand a money-driven culture.
Is this a two-sided coin? Money cannot give us happiness, but it can give us a sense of security. Particularly when paying our financial obligations. It allows us to meet our obligations.
Subsequently, societal necessities go unfulfilled, creating space for temptation.
After that, There is a worldwide reality of dissatisfaction with governments. And the fight for needs like health insurance and stable employment. Many individuals worldwide cannot access the comforts and luxuries. Finally, most of us take it for granted.
When “Broken Peace” disrupts the natural order. It’s an unpleasant sight, leading some to lose their way—a thirst for control and revenge.
It often drives wars, creating a cycle of hatred. But the proper path forward lies in forgiveness.
The Montauk Light House symbolizes a Beacon of Hope.
Without physical light. It is a tribute to humanity’s perseverance and hope in difficult times.
In conclusion, “Broken Peace” reflects the issues. Even in the darkest times, we can find hope, guiding us toward a peaceful world.

Broken Peace

“Broken Peace,” 35″ x 59″ Oil on Canvas 2023
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Editor credits by Tehseen F. and Gus L.


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