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Portrait Subjects

First to tell this is a portrait in oil commissioned by a good friend of mine Jorge Navarro. besides Soonah is miles grandson. it took me a month to finish it, and I had satisfactory feedback from Jorge.

Subsequently,  “Soonah saw the painting and cried with emotion,” Jorge replied to me. On the other side, Miles’s parents were astonished by the likeness of the painting.

Portrait Subjects

Portrait never ceases to amaze me it is a mental trip to my senses. Along comes, a connection of intimacy shared with the characters.

Portrait Subjects

Moreover in the technical part, adding layers relies upon the likeness of them. Some other artists would portrait fast figures but I’m not interested in it for I like to spend time submerged to achieve depth.


The Bull

Portrait Subjects

object portraits

It is a lesson that I’m about to publish on my youtube channel. To follow the content explores concepts such as depth, perspective, and gesture lines.

Furthermore, the second part concentrates on learning shading from dark to light details. Then follow by the third session studies in the use of ink pen and its use with hand techniques; everything concluded to achieve movement.

Portrait Subjects

Besides ink being a monochrome media, is also a medium for centuries in the run. It has been a tool for communicating emotions as disdain about the calamities of the war and abuse. Adding to these concepts, there are also images of farmers in their everyday life.

Artists have found the means to show emotions that others do not want to face in life the other part we disregard as unimportant. Also, incite questions where we do not want to go. So many creators have been regarded as being laid back with so much time in their hands to think about all these subjects but the reality is that we all carry it on each of us.

The moment a work of art is consummated it is the moment of ecstasy and satisfaction. for civilians is their memory of the happy moment that overpasses ages and lasts for eternity.

ink drawing size 11″ x 14″ 2021

Portrait Subjects