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    Every portrait tells us something, a special mood. We feel attracted to it. 

    Features are a whole universe.

    There are many types of portraits

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    You name it

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    “A portrait is not a necessity but a memory of a past.”

    That will not come back.

    A personal memory of a beloved

    Perhaps a happy one.

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    Portraits surround us

    We see representations of people everywhere.

    However, in contemporary art, portraits are much more than pure representation.

    It has managed to adapt its genre to the demands of contemporary art. 

    Portraiture is still alive, popular, and people love it.


    Portraits in Objective Art

    The Vision illustrates the old Inca tradition belief about life and death.

    Incas venerated their ancestors throughout their memories.

    Traditionally, mummifying the dead body of a relative and carrying through impressive processions could keep the deceased’s legend as a living person in the memory of who lives.

    I  incorporated this tradition by adding two ghostly figures hanging on a facade.

    The people facing us backward are the saviors

    notice the flag does not have any specific color,

    and death does not have any particular nationality, gender, or face.

    My purpose in “The Vision” is to show the


    insatiable encounter for a peaceful eternal life.

    For more portrait references, follow my blog in on this link.


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