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Before long, happy New Year to everybody, and I hope everything will normalize very soon. However, it is a fact that it will be over more quickly and that day we all will celebrate along with our dear ones. 


The above artwork in development is called “Azahal,” based on symbolism. It belongs to the pattern’s media which I have published in the previous post. And it is based on nature symbols. Thus, I project colors and geometric patterns in this series to allure a dreamy reaction to our perceptions. 

Notice the vanishing on the left side fades against the green degradation.


Virtual Exhibits


On the other hand, my solo show got delayed for the winter season at the Bay Shore Public library.

A week later, the curator rearranged for me to come back.

Nonetheless, I decided to risk delivering and hanging up my artwork on time above the epidemic circumstances. 

In short, overlooking the events, I thank the art director Ms. Walter who, above all, allowed me to have a two-monthly exhibit.






Title: Soonah and Miles 24″ x 18″ Sketch drawing on paper

Furthermore, I have more portraits this new year to paint, and this is a progression of it before long.

At first, I begin familiarizing myself with my subjects by sketching them many times. After that, drawing and achieving likeness takes up to one to two hours until I see the resemblance. Then I will pull it on the canvas and outline a simplified line. There relies on the beauty of it, for I will let it take me.