The Cast


The casting experience has been exciting; there were steps that I have to solve and still fixing the ears on the sculpture. The ears are the most sensitive part and very delicate. I sculpt it again, for I did not let the clay dry a long time before I applied the plaster of Paris. And on the working process, I discovered new techniques that have left me with excellent restoration knowledge. The vaseline that I used on the clay left the original solid cast all slushy, and I was not very happy for it took me time to clean it. These are the con that in my next sculpture will be better executed. I’m totally excited to continue with my next commission.
Any comments on this piece, write to me with your suggestions; I’m open to tips.

A bust lesson in clay, this is a portrait about James. Enjoy it; follow this link.

These are Line, color, shape, form, value, space, and texture. They often overlap and inform one another.
To render the figure wet the surface to soften. Keep it in mind. James is a teenager. It can be used with adults as well.
Wherever approach comes handy, is acceptable and this process relies on memory. such as knowing the model

I used pictures as the reference to find his expressions, and get his character
In the end, the results were rewarding and satisfactory.

James’ gestures are in the softness of his face. Enough information to give the bust a gestural expression full of innocence and joy.



Artist, Art Educator, Illustrator, and Web Design Developer.

Persistence and Consistency is my motto;
it has been with me from the time I decided to become an artist.
A hard career to pursue but behind all of these upside downs creating and inventing something that has been there and showing it in a new light is gratifying. Every piece has a unique path, and it has its tale to tell, enjoy it.

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