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SIZE 34″ x 34″ Oil on Canvas, 2020

The city is fascinating when you have a definite goal in mind; Culture, art, movies, music to name a few delights, and most important people. Not the usual dry gray from the building’s steel, and concrete, forms.

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My point of view of the urban collage was to direct emotions exalted by the colors in gray, light ochre, and lavender, it may be winter. It may be spring. Who cares? Just enjoy it.

Moreover, not the usual dry gray from the building’s steel, and concrete, forms. Hey, not every artist sees it as a cold, unpleasant friend. Also, it is the people who add the spark and the warm, humanistic side.

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During my visits walk by the natural Museum of History in New York. The scene above caught my attention.

Under the street vendor car next to the rear windows, there was a black and white photo taken from the war.

At first, they look like German aviators, but they are not. Moreover, one of the soldiers is wearing an adult British Brodie hat from second world war II.


Furthermore, I chose to paint them in black and white to create less tension in the whole picture. A bit odd and contradicting, just as the municipal are. After all, it is a variety of people and places that makes New York look like a mosaic.


Nevertheless, “I searched for a variety of urban scenes  concepts, and I found the imagery city. “On the other hand, It is sad to watch how life can pass, such as the quick way of living there.

The worst error an artist or any other living soul trying to achieve a dream is to get there fast. Instead, to enjoy and learn to live life in the creative moment.


I seem people drowned in their fears and deceived by their thinking; others confused, abandoning all hopes. Indeed it is the running fight, the competition. If you do not hold steady and firm, it will go through the pipe down to the water.


No doubt, Picasso was the precursor experimenting with paper Mache glue onto his canvases. He created a different dimensionality. The Greeks created mosaics on their walls, taking ceramic fragments and conveying messages. 

I found a way to re-design this term, combined with designs and glass reflections. These pictures at first evoke a brainstorm in our heads to later crystallized as transparent images.



34″ x 34″ OIL ON CANVAS



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  1. Carla Lindao

    Definitely my favorite! It is something more realistic than this mosaic? Totally in love with this one.

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