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SIZE 36″ x 90″ Oil on Canvas, 2020

The Bay location on the north shore of Long Island in Huntington, NY.

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reflective consciousness



Before long this gentle slope is interesting for its abandoned boardwalk, old chairs, and decorations that remind me of a still life subject.

Indeed, forgotten in the past, and just behind, there was sunlight glimmering like a diamond on the water. 

What is more, as I felt lonesome the Bay grabbed me into its pass and emerged as a dream. Moreover, people used to gather in the past to celebrate.

In addition, became a peaceful place that harmonizes with nature. Afterward, I felt familiar and no longer felt lonely


I wanted to catch this moment inside the sunlight, and I found stars with sparkling lines. Those few minutes I spent observing it, were revitalizing and energetic to live. And with this in mind, I have just preserved it in this painting for you to enjoy, nature and life as it is. It was the visual effect of recreating light within, and unique, very amazing!


Painting water can be very tedious and thematic. With persistence and patience seeing it It is as exciting to experience it in real life.

To paint it, I had to draw it first. To understand how it moves, I had to use patterns. These are uncountable, and It moves where the wind commands them.

Current forms have triangle shapes, and they all follow one direction in a horizontal line. Waves on the bottom painting as they move up to the top, diminish in size. Every color around this effect furthermore, has been lower in luminosity.


When I use lines in the painting technique, I use a number 3/0 brush to draw. dark colors look natural when using natural colors, instead, of black

Further, this creates transparency, we can see the other layers behind. Certainly, for the purpose of letting the sunlight outstand more. 



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  1. Graciela

    This is big, it will look great in my living room. Definitively my favorite.

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